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Why Do I Need To Be Saved (Or Born Again)?

There are so many people who feel that the message of salvation is not for them. They do not see any reason why they need a Saviour and why they need to be saved.
They feel they are good enough and also they are not in any predicament as to need a miraculous intervention from God. Therefore to them, going to church is a waste of time and indeed, going to watch a football match on a Sunday morning instead, is a much better way to spend the time.

Here are some reasons why you need to be saved.

All Have Sinned And That Includes You!
The word of God tells us clearly that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom.3:23). All means there is no exception - so you are included. 
Sin is not only when you have murdered or raped someone. All unrighteousness is sin including lying, hatred, cheating, sexual immorality, going your own way and living as though there is no God, etc. We were all born with a sinful nature

God Will Judge Sin and sinners
God's word tells us in Romans 6:23 that “The wages of sin is death ... "
Also in Ezekiel 18:4 it says: ""Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine; the soul who sins shall die"

This is more than just the physical death of the human body. Everyone, whether righteous or otherwise, is subject to physical death. But death with which sin will be punished is described as the second death or the death of the soul.
.In Rev.21:8, the scripture says:
“But people who are cowardly, unfaithful, detestable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will find themselves in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death."

Since all have sinned, all are subject to this judgment except they are saved. So you need a Saviour just like anyone else.

It’s not about being good
Some don’t think they need to be saved because they think they are good people. But God classifies all our self righteousness as filthy rags. Yes, you may not be as bad as your next door neighbour, but you still need to be saved.

It’s not about being religious
Some will say "I have my own religion" or "I don’t believe in religion".
But this is not about religion – it is about having a living relationship with the Living God. And that is only made possible through the sacrificial death of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) on the cross of Calvary to pay the price for our sins.

You need to believe in Him as your saviour. You may be very religious and still be lost in sin. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ for instance, was masterminded and instigated by the religious rulers of his day. Look around; there is so much mess and misery being perpetuated all over the world in the name of religion.

It’s not about being comfortable
There are many people who have the erroneous impression that going to church, praying to God and indeed the message of salvation is for those who are suffering. So because they feel they are comfortable and are having what they term ‘the good life’, they do not see the need for God in their lives.

It is true that the afflictions of life tend to draw people closer to God. But salvation is something needed by all – whether rich or poor, bound or free, black or white, male or female. All have sinned and all need to be saved.

And let us not forget that this present life is only one side of the coin. The scripture says, “It is appointed unto men once to die but after this, the judgment.
Life does not end in the grave, you see. Read the story of a rich man who died without God and woke up at the other side to a bid surprise - Luke 16:19-31

What If I Don’t Believe The Bible? - You May Ask.
Well, that does not change anything – except that you will cheat yourself out of the provision God has made to save your soul.

For instance, I have watched a number of documentaries on television on volcanic eruptions. I have seen cases where hundreds and sometimes, thousands of people were roasted alive. They were warned well ahead of time but chose not to believe the report.

Those who believe fled for their dear lives but the unbelief of those who chose to remain adamant did not change the truth. The next thing they knew was that they were brought face to face with the fiery fury of a raging volcano and they became victims of a tragedy they could have avoided - had they listened. So it is in this matter.

Dear friend, you need to be saved and this is the time. Don’t joke with it and stop putting it away. You may not have as much time as you think.

The Solution
To be saved – to have your sins forgiven and come into a living relationship with God, you need the Saviour – Jesus Christ.

About 2000 years ago, He came into this sinful world for one purpose – to lay down His life and pay the price of death that man owed but couldn’t pay. He was crucified on the cross of Calvary. He died and was buried but on the third day, God raised Him from the dead.

He is forever alive and all those believe in his sacrificial work and receive Him as their Saviour are forgiven their sins and saved.

All you have to do is to believe that He died for you, repent of your sinful way of life and ask Him to be your personal Saviour and Lord.

Truth Is Constant
There are some that argue that they do not see the point in believing in someone who came to this world 2000 years ago and died on the cross. But the passage of time does not erode the validity of truth.

Today’s industrialized world rests squarely on the discoveries and contributions of men who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago (e.g. the discovery of electricity).
We do not reject the accomplishment of these discoverers and inventors, instead we accept them with gratitude. Their accomplishments are still relevant and needed by us till today – the passage of time notwithstanding.

The same truth is applicable to salvation through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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