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Believers Foundation Course
Item Ref : LWBK001

Believers Foundation Course:
This is not just a book but a study course - Foundation Course for believers.
It has sixteen chapters addressing very important foundation truths that every believer needs for a solid spiritual growth and development. Topics include Assurance of salvation, Quiet Time, Walking by faith, Why Church membership and attendance is important, What to look for in a Church before you join, Holy Ghost baptism, the rapture of the Church and how to get ready, etc.

If you are looking for a comprehensive follow-up material for new Christians as well as older believers who need to solidify their foundation in the Lord, here it is.
Each topic has a study outline, a Summary/Feedback session and a comprehensive write-up by the Pastor explaining all the points raised in the outline and more.
This is an essential study and teaching material that will prove a tremendous blessing to any believer.

      Price : $35.00


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