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Outreach Testimonies

(March 11th to 17th, 2010)

During our recent outreach to India for Revival and Pastors conferences, God moved powerfully through His servant Pastor Vincent Imwensi to do many marvelous things.
Many souls were saved and restored to the Lord. Many people were healed of various sicknesses and diseases.
As for the Pastors, they were so touched, empowerd and ministered to through the anointed teaching of the word of God.

The testimonies of what God did during this life changing outreach continues to ring all over the place. To Him alone be all the praise and glory.

Here are a few of the HEALING testimonies:

These are only few of the testimonies. There were many others.
- For instance two pregnant women slated for suggery miraculously delivered their babies (by normal deliveies) after prayer;
- a woman who had been breathing through only one nostril for a long time was healed and the other nostril was unblocked;
- a woman who had been vomitting blood was healed and the problem was gone, etc.

Many of the diseases healed were serious conditions but due to the interpreter's inability to communicate effectively what they were in English, he just simply called it leg pain, hand pain, head problem, etc.

There were many salvation testimonies. For instance, look at this woman's testimony:

To God alone be all the glory. He is the Healer, the Saviour and the Deliverer.


The host Pastor of this event was Pastor John Prasad, president and founder of AGCM.



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