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Points For Consideration:

  1. What did you learn from today's reading? Jot them down.

  2. How do these lessons apply to your own life? Ponder carefully.

  3. What promises are there in this passage if any)? Claim them now.

  4. Are there any warnings to heed? Note them.

  5. What other things (if any), is the Lord ministering to you through this passage of scripture? Note them down.
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Why Are There No Topics
In Pastor's Commentary?

Not putting topics on the pastor's daily commentary is on purpose. The reason is because of the fundamental idea and goal of the Living Word For Today devotional guide.

This is not just another daily devotional guide, it is designed to take the user to a higher level of personal relationship  and fellowship with God.

Therefore, the goal is to help and encourage users to read, study and meditate on God's word daily and allow God to speak to them personally from His word.

Whatever commentary I make on a day's passage is intended to be a bonus addition to the ministration that the individual user has personally drawn from studying and meditating on the given chapter for the day.

The moment I begin to put topics on my commentary, users of the devotional guide will begin to treat my commentaries as the major ministration they are supposed to draw from the given chapter. In fact, many will just simply read my commentary and think they've got what God wants them to hear.

So instead of digging into the word and allowing God to minister to them in different areas (of their lives) from the given passage, they will be limited to my commentary.
In a very significant way, that hinders personal spiritual growth and development because learning to chew the word of God  (through study and mediation) enhances a believers growth in a very big way.

I have come to see that that is the problem which many Daily Devotional Guides (unintentionally) create for their users and I wanted to avoid that.

A user who has learnt to use this devotional correctly wrote me not long ago and said that sometimes God ministers so much to her as she meditated on the given passage that she didn't need to refer to my commentary. I was happy to hear that.

However, I would advise that every user should always take advantage of my daily commentaries because they are loaded with vital nuggets.

So that is the reason I do not put topics on my daily commentaries.

Bless you,

Pastor Vincent A.I.


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First read the given passage for the day. Meditate on it and let God minister to you personally. Then read and ponder on the Pastor's comment for the day as an additional bonus.

The Pastor's daily comments are not intended to be a substitute for your own personal daily study of God's word.So use it right and be richly blessed.
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