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To God be the glory for every testimony. He is the only One deserving of praise and glory for every miracle and blessing that are hereby testified to. We give Him alone all the praise, all the credit and all the thanks.

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God is such a great, mighty and powerful God! Since I have been serious about getting to know him he has really blessed me and I am so thankful for everything that he has done and especially for this ministry.

Pastor Vincent is a true man of God and I know that when I attend Solid Rock Bible Church God gives me messages through the Pastors messages as what he says always coincides exactly with what is happening in my life at the exact time even though I haven't told anyone.

Going to this church has saved me from making some bad decisions like when I was having problems in my life and I wanted to leave the area thinking that my problems wouldn’t follow but the very next day when I attended church God taught me through Pastor Vincent that it was my attitude towards life that needed changing and not my postcode! That was too much of a coincidence that I would go to church and find the answer.

I wanted to write this testimony to encourage others to attend this church. God is really doing his work there and Pastor Vincent teaches you how to live a blessed life. The life that God would want you to live and I am so grateful that God has let me attend this church!

Chantelle Raymond
London, U.K.

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